Dr. McManus serves as Executive Director of Rootstrong, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which focuses on student success and multicultural leadership development.


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Dr. McManus serves as a Senior Associate at the Kingston Bay Group, a coaching and consulting firm. His areas of specialization include:


•  Diversity & Inclusion

•  Leadership Coaching & Development

•  Program & Curriculum Development

•  Multicultural Leadership Education


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Praise for The Diversity Calling:

"This is a must read for those going into the [diversity] field and for those of us in the field who at times need that infusion of spirit to replenish our reservoir of inspiration and commitment."

- Kay Iwata, Kay Iwata & Associates

"The Diversity Calling is a compelling read. The nine autoethnographic stories told in this book illustrate the immense joy and inevitable pain associated with discovering and embracing one's unique identity."

- Price Cobb, Author of My American Life  and Black Rage

"The Diversity Calling offers an inside, intimate look from the stories of nine pioneering leaders, who have fingerprints on making the world better for many dimensions of difference. They blazed trails."

- Debbe Kennedy, Author and founding President and CEO of the Leadership Solutions Companies



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